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The Bookstour

A short documentary to raise money for indie bookstores

When self-published author, Mason Engel, started visiting the most unique independent bookstores around the country, he intended to promote his novel on Amazon. But that didn't last long. He realized there was a priceless something the “everything store” couldn’t sell. In his latest cross-country road trip, Mason interviews dozens of booksellers to discover what that something is: the #1, unexpected reason we should all shop indie

All proceeds from the film's release will benefit the Book Industry Charitable Fund.

Coming June 6th

The first trip - 2019

In 2019 Mason took a road trip from Indiana to California and back, visiting 50 indie bookstores in 50 days to promote his self-published novel.


The Story

A lean operation

Mason took the entire 50-day trip for under $1,000. He saved money by staying with friends, camping out in Wal-Mart parking lots, and getting sponsorships for the books he gave away. For $5, supporters could sponsor the delivery of Mason's self-published novel to the store of their choice.

You can watch the 50-minute Snapchat documentary here (best on mobile)>>

The second trip - 2020

In 2020, Mason and his cameraman braved the pandemic to interview 30+ booksellers around the East Coast.

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A film with an impact

Over the past three years, Mason has amassed terabytes of footage in the world of indie bookstores. The result is a 30-minute narrative documentary: The Bookstour.


Following Mason's journey from an Amazon lover to a lover of indie bookstores, this Americana story is taking action. Every cent you pay to watch the film during the monthlong release (6/6/21 - 7/7/21) will benefit the Book Industry Charitable Foundation. 

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Coming June 6th
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